Millennium Wood

InstagramHigh Ham Millennium Wood: Cooke's Lane TA10 9BA

Owned and managed by High Ham Parish Council

Thanks to grants from Tesco 'Bags of Help'; SCC 'Health and WellBeing' and SSDC Area North 'Supporting the Visitor Economy'; Viridor; TCV The Conservation Volunteers, the following were made possiblepond-side shelter; picnic tables and benches; tree identification labels; improvements to car park; direction and gate signs; information panel; insect 'hotels'; 500 native bluebells; bird-feeding station; installation labour costs; tree planting.

Welcome We hope you enjoy your visit, and love Millennium Wood as much as the volunteers, Parish Lengthsman Craig Howe, and contractors who work hard to maintain it in the condition you will find today. 

'Leave only your footprints, make only memories and, maybe, make a den for others to discover.' Craig Howe, Parish Lengthsman

If we remove our litter, keep our dogs on leads and clean up after them, we will keep this widlife haven a special place now and for the future.

The site has a large car park, picnic tables, benches, pond-side shelter, den-building area, tree-identification trails, bug hotels, a bird-feeding station, and more...

                               Be Aware: there is deepwater on site. Children need to be actively supervised   

The Lengthsman pages give details of Craig Howe's recent work in MW. Click on the INSTAGRAM logo for more detailed updates  


Recent Activity


Visit by Mary Ostler Area North Community Development Officer - a preliminary to making a small grant application for on-site activity resources. Fingerpost moved to safer location on Stout Hill - thanks to Dave for helping Craig. Rides mown.

Site meeting: Dave V, Amy J, Craig H (Lengthsman) Amanda C. Roger Hall gave apology

       Following agreed: tree thinning to continue
       Open Day proposed sept 9th to coincide with village produce show. Amy to liaise with Produce       
       Show Committee
       Invasive Parrot Weed reg rowing in MW. Amy to enquire with local colleges  can help
       Car park - enlargement suggested and grass-protection mesh laid. Dave V to investigate.

10.04.18 In last 2 months, large areas of bramble cleared - some small areas left as wildlife habitat. Cordwood processed into split logs and.Trees pruned/felled to increase light to Weeping Ash and Beech. Some of Hazel coppiced. Some brash left at Den Building area, rest to be processed later for bean poles. Brash from February work, chipped. Grass mowing delayed - ground too wet/ soft. 10.04.18 Site meeting Dave V, Amanda C, Amy D, Craig H (Lengthsman).

04.03.18 The thaw begins after 3 days of snow, severe cold and very strong winds.

21.11.17 New signs installed by Craig - made with MW timber, pyrography by Rae Howe, Craig's wife. 

Clearing pond of invasive Parrot Weed - Craig, Amy, Amanda


04.10.17 Road direction signs installed by Christopher and David


13.09.17 Site Meeting: Dave Vigar, Roger Hall, Amanda Chuter, Amy Jenkins. autumn/winter tasks decided: coppicing hazel; thinning; bramble clearing; cutting back vegetation along rides; clearing pond of Parrot Weed, Cutting boundary hedges.