Affordable Housing Needs Survey



Dear Resident,



As some of you will be aware, High Ham Parish Council agreed to undertake an ‘Affordable Housing Needs Survey’ this year to help the Parish Council make decisions about future housing needs for local people that may, or may not, have to be met in our parish in the future.Whilst there are no guarantees that affordable housing provision will result as a consequence of the outcomes of the AHNS, we strongly believe that the best way to approach this matter is to equip ourselves with the information we need to make informed decisions in the future, and this is why the AHNS is being commissioned at this time.We are undertaking this survey in partnership with South Somerset District Council Officers who will be analysing the returned forms and producing a report of the survey outcomes. All personal information supplied will be managed on a strictly confidential basis and accessed only by those who work for the Housing Team of SSDC.

In order to fulfil the AHNS expectations we need your help to complete the survey forms that will be delivered to you at some point the week commencing Monday 11 September 2017. The completed survey forms have to be returned by Monday 9 October 2017. You will be provided with a stamped addressed envelope to return your completed survey forms or you can compete the AHNS online with details of how to do this on the actual survey forms.


Affordable housing is defined as: “Housing for local people who are unable to afford to rent or buy on the open market or who can no longer afford to live in their current home.”

We need your help to find out what is important to you and to ascertain what actual need exists across our parish. You do not need to complete all sections but the more you are able to complete the more we can accurately record the needs of the High Ham parish. Please complete one survey per household.

We wish to stress that the outcome of the survey will not guarantee the provision of affordable housing in the parish. However, the survey results will deliver strong evidence as to whether an affordable housing need exists and this will strengthen the Parish Council’s ability to meet those needs in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Chris Palmer

High Ham Parish Council (September 2017)